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Serving both residential and commercial paving services throughout San Diego, Perfect Paving has been serving the community since 1983. Customer satisfaction is our top priority as well as offering high quality services at reasonable prices.

It’s the “attention to detail” and “going the extra mile” that separates Perfect Paving from the rest. The company uses reliable and consistent quality material, and is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. Perfect Paving’s focus is on not being the biggest, but instead, being the best.

Perfect Paving is owned and operated by Robert Lopez. With more than 40 years of experience in the paving industry, Robert is personally involved in each and every project. No matter the job size, Perfect Paving will get the job done right and will ensure that it meets or exceeds your expectations.

  • Known for their professionalism
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  • The standard of integrity is what separates Perfect Paving from the competition.

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Excavating & Grading

Proper excavation and equipment is key when building roads, driveways and parking areas. Site grading is among the first stages of preparation with the movement of dirt and base material to achieve the proper elevations prior to paving. Perfect Paving has the necessary machinery to achieve high compaction and ensure a solid, stable base. This helps to insure proper surface drainage. Safety, quality of workmanship and years of experience is what you can expect from Perfect Paving.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving is economical, durable and recyclable. Perfect Paving uses only quality asphalt "hot mix" from the superior leader in eco-friendly products, California Commercial Asphalt in San Diego. Whether you need a pothole fixed, a new driveway, street or parking lot, you can rely on Perfect Paving to use the latest techniques and equipment for all your asphalt needs.

Crack Fill

Is there a crack in your asphalt? Call Perfect Paving to come and repair your cracks before they grow into "alligator cracks" or potholes and thereby requiring the asphalt to be removed. Perfect Paving places special vulcanized rubber into cracks to prevent the intrusion of water. This helps reinforce the adjacent pavement. If needed, this is applied before seal coating.

Slurry Seal Coat

Although asphalt is designed to be long lasting, seal coating is one of the most vital aspects of preserving the beauty and longevity of your paved surfaces. Having regular paving maintenance performed is an effective preventative measure and protects against the elements of water penetration, oil, or heavy traffic. Perfect Paving suggest applying a seal coat about 90 days to a year after new asphalt has been laid giving the asphalt time to cure. Regular maintenance can safeguard your investment and add years to the lifespan of your asphalt.

Parking Lot Striping

A well maintained or brightly stiped parking lot will bring more attention towards your business. Whether your parking lot striping needs are for a new layout or striping over existing stripes, Perfect Paving uses quality coatings and application processes to ensure your parking areas have a professional appearance and meet compliance standards.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from enjoying everyday activities. If your business serves the public, then this law applies to you. It's your obligation to make sure that you are ADA compliant. Perfect Paving will work diligently to ensure you are following all ADA guidelines.


Perfect Paving provides all kinds of services for your driveway, patio, sidewalks, decks, parking lots or ADA ramps and can also add coloring to your concrete to spruce up an area and make it more decorative. In addition to providing new concrete, Perfect Paving can also provide preventative maintenance services for your existing concrete to prolong the life expectancy of your concrete areas helping you to defer costly repairs.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Whether you are an individual homeowner, or a business owner, interlocking concrete pavers will add elegance and charm to your real estate. Pavers are not only attractive, but very durable adding functional beauty to any area. When planning the construction of any paved area, Perfect Paving will help provide you with the architectural designs, shapes and colors that will compliment your project.


Masonry walls can be both aesthetically beautiful as well as functional and can make the difference in your home's longevity and quality. Whether you want interlocking, stackable, or construction block walls, Perfect Paving will help reinvent your house to whatever best suits your vision.

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The condition of your parking lot or driveway sends a message to customers. A well-paved, crack- and pothole-free driving surface says you’re concerned about appearances. It also says you're thinking about customer safety, and that you want to protect their vehicle from damage when they visit your business. Historically, asphalt has proven to be an excellent paving material. Cost wise, asphalt provides excellent performance equal to other more expensive options.

With a properly installed asphalt surface, using good product, customers can expect the asphalt surface to last 30 or more years. With proper maintenance, many projects can last 40 to 50 years.

No matter how it’s applied, concrete is a tough and rugged material. As a result, stamped concrete will last as long and be as durable as other applications. That’s why it’s an ideal material for driveways, as wear and tear is likely.

Yes you can! The most important part of installing pavers on your driveway is your base material preparation. Ensure that your base material is compacted and you use a good edge restraint, and you should have a sturdy enough paved surface for vehicle use.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority as well as offering high quality services on all projects.


It’s the “attention to detail” and “going the extra mile” that separates Perfect Paving from the rest.


The company uses reliable and consistent quality material, and is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.

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